Empire Greatswords

This is a unit of Empire Greatswords from the Warhammer line by Games Workshop. These are the best of the best. Footknights with big swords, swolen egos, and a desire to destroy the enemies of the Empire! Grr.

I painted up this unit after having them primed and using them in battle over over a year. When I actually got to painting, the painting took a while, as these figures are very detailed. I am especially proud of the banner, as I am still developing my freehand painting techniques and think it looks pretty good.

Click a picture for a more detailed view.

Here we see Middenheim's finest footknights sallying forth.

As showcased here, I have also built some terrain for use in jungle settings, specifically those of Lustria. These photos show my Middenheim Greatswords celebrating a victory after taking the a holy ruined ziggerat from the cold-blooded Lizardmen.

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