Middenheimer (Empire) Boat

This is a boat designed for use with the Games Workshop's Warhammer wargame.
Click a picture for a more detailed view.

This is a brig based on the how-to in Games Workshop's White Dwarf issue 288. It is made out of foamcore and balsa.

Closer shot of the boat. You can see some of the simple detailing on the side. Gotta love having extra bitz sitting around.

This is a shot of the boat head-on. Imagine a few cannon sitting on the prow gunning for you.

To give you an idea of the scale, here are a few blokes from my Mordheim Middenheimer warband doing their pirate thing. You can see some more bitz used for details.

Another pirate shot for scale.

Arrrr! Just can't get enough of those pirates! Arrr!

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